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Point IT is a low-cost, international technological leader in the world of cybersecurity that provides high value-added solutions to companies.

Most of our 50+ clients are on the following sectors: transportation, energy, health, telecom, financial services, government, and manufacturing.

We strive to provide best-in-class solutions to support our clients in the implementation of mission- critical projects.

We tailor-made global solutions for private enterprises and public government companies. Our technological solutions have a long-term, valued-added impact to help our clients maximize margins while mitigating digital downturn.

We provide that technological peace of mind to ensure that our clients success is our success.



Develop, build, and integrate technology-driven platforms and solutions using the latest market technologies for our clients to ensure a fruitful, long-term commercial relationship with our clients.



Network and
Infrastructure Security

Network and Infrastructure

- Next Generation Firewall
- Intrusion Prevention System
- Secure Remote Access
- SSL Orchestration
- DDoS Protection
- DNS Security
- Cloud Security
- Network Access Control
- IOT Security
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Application and
Endpoint Security

Application and Endpoint

- Web Application Firewall
- Fraud Prevention
- Database Security
- Web and Email Security
- Data Loss Prevention
- Endpoint Prevention, Detection
   and Response
- Cloud Access Security Broker
- Mobile Security
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Security Operation
and Incident Response

Security Operation and
Incident Response

- SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)
- SOAR + Security Analytics
- Threat Intelligence
- Security Automation
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Identity, Risk and Compliance

Identity, Risk and Compliance

- Vulnerability and Pentest Management
- Infrastructure
         Web Application
- Network and Security Compliance (Rules and Backup)
- Strong Authentication
- Privileged Access Management
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Infrastructure and Application Foundation

Infrastructure and Application Foundation

- Hyperconverged Infrastructure
- High Performance Storage
- Network and Application Load Balancing
- Global Server Load Balancing
- DNS Services
- API and Container Delivery and Management
- Automation and Visibility Solutions
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